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q-JAYS® Earphones


The smallest earphone in the world

With its astonishingly minute size the q-JAYS are the smallest earphones on the market. Despite this we have managed to fit in dual micro armatures and a sound that will blow you away. q-JAYS come in black and white and also in beautiful, vibrant Limited Edition colors for those who wants more color in life. If you thought you had heard it all – think again.

Great Looks, Great Performance

q-JAYS White Laying down

The q-JAYS contain one tweeter that delivers precise highs and one woofer that creates rich lows and mids in each earphone.

q-JAYS are constructed using the same technology as our award-winning d-JAYS, but we have worked to dramatically shrink the armature size.

Despite a housing size almost a third the size of d-JAYS, our top model manages to fit two micro armatures into each earphone.

An Ultimate Fit

Smart earphone design and soft silicone sleeves which are available in five sizes; enables the earphone to fit snugly into any ear. The sleeves are washable which means you can keep them clean at all times. q-JAYS also comes with a pair of foam sleeves for users who prefer these to silicone sleeves. Additionally, each sound tube houses a protective filter designed to keep your earphones clean from dust and earwax and prolong their life.

Award Winning

The media has given q-JAYS many ‘best in class’ awards as a result of their great performance in terms of sound and design. Once your ears experience their quality and clarity you won’t want to let them go.

q-JAYS Awards. What Hi-Hi 4/5, MacWorld 4/5 and Wired 8/10

Dual micro armatures

q-JAYS Armature

The q-JAYS armature

The dual micro armatures of q-JAYS are the smallest in the world. The technique is the same as d-JAYS but each earphone has one woofer for the mids and low frequencies and one tweeter for the detailed highs.

By dividing the frequency curve on separate drivers it is possible to get an even clearer sound than with single armature drivers.

Four different colors

Besides the two standard colors q-JAYS are also available in our Limited Edition colors Maroon Red and Sea Blue. Same inside different outside to fit your taste.

BlackWhiteSea BlueMaroon Red

q-JAYS in black, white, sea blue and maroon red.


q-JAYS come loaded with accessories. The Stereo Splitter is perfect when you want to share your music experience with a friend of yours. The Flight Adapter allows you to use your q-JAYS on a flight, and the Carrying Case to protect your beloved ones. A wide range of JAYS Silicone Sleeves and a pair of Foam Sleeves will make sure you find a proper fit. The 8 pairs of changeable Sound Tube Filters will make your earphones last forever so make sure to change them every now and then if they get dirty or if you're experiencing a decrease in performance.

  1. 1. Stereo Splitter - Used when listening two persons to the same sound source
  2. 2. Flight Adapter - for listening to in-flight entertainment systems
  3. 3. Leather Carrying Case
  4. 4. Sound Tube Filters
  5. 5. I-shaped Extension Cord, 90 cm (35.5 in)
  6. 6. L-shaped Extension Cord, 90 cm (35.5 in)
  7. 7. Foam Sleeves
  8. 8. Silicone Rubber Sleeves (L, 2 x M, 2 x S, XS, XXS)
  9. User Manual in English, Swedish, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese

Technical Specification

Type Dual Micro Armatures
Sensitivity 95 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
Impedance 39 Ohm @ 1 kHz
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 000 Hz
Isolation JAYS Sound Isolating Sleeves
Size (L)19 x (W)7.5 x (H)7.4 mm
Weight 8 grams (0.28 oz)
Type TPE coated with Kevlar filling
Diameter 2/1.5 mm (0,079/0,059 in)
Length 60 cm (23.5 in)
Extension 90 cm (35.5 in)
Plug Straight, Gold-Plated Stereo Plug 3.5 mm (1/8 in)
iLounge - A, Highly Recommended

iLounge - A, Highly Recommended

October 2007, USA

"For the price, we think q-JAYS is one of the very best headphone deals around right now, and would strongly recommend it."

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iLounge - Best of the Year Award 2007

iLounge - Best of the Year Award 2007

November 2007, USA

"JAYS' amazingly small double-driver q-JAYS ($179) were honored as Value Earphone of the Year."

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MacUser - 5/5

MacUser - 5/5

March 2008, USA

"The q-JAYS Dual Micro Armature Earphones really are very good indeed."

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Wired Magazine - 8/10

Wired Magazine - 8/10

October 2007, USA

"Wee earpieces produce astonishingly full, balanced audio and excellent bass. Sound matches models costing twice as much. Two-piece cord can be shortened for use with lapel-clipped players, eliminating wire dangle."

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision - 4/5

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision - 4/5

December 2007, United Kingdom

"Powerful, punchy and detailed, the q-Jays are accomplished enough to reveal when your songs are suffering for their compression ratio. Grandaddy’s He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot sounds excellent as an Apple Loss-less file: spacious, well-integrated and natural."

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision - 4/5

Macworld - 4/5

July 2008, United Kingdom

"Those two drivers mean that the q-JAYS deliver an excellent music-listening experience. Across the range of musical styles, the q-JAYS deliver fantastic sound quality"

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Good Gear Guide - Editors Choice - 4.5/5

Good Gear Guide - Editors Choice - 4.5/5

December 2010, Australia

"The Jays q-Jays are excellent in-ear headphones that have sound quality equal to other high-end established headphone brands. If you are interested in shelling out a few hundred dollars on high quality portable in-ear headphones, these should be among the models you consider."

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Magazine / Website / Blog Rating / Award Date, Country
Anything But iPod Editor’s Choice October 2007, United Kingdom Read more
AVR Group Test Winner March 2008, United Kingdom Read more
iTalk Magazine Best of the Best Feburary 2009, USA Read more
Know your mobile 5/5 May 2009, USA Read more
The Ultimate iPod Guide 5/5 May 2009, United Kingdom
Les numériques 5/5 November 2008, France Read more