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q-JAYS® Custom Molds

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Go Custom. Go Pro.

Why not remodel your q-JAYS into full blown custom-fit earphones? By investing in ear canal impressions you will get a fully-bespoke silicone cast, molded specifically to fit your ear. Experience full sound insulation, a perfect fit and get every last bit of listening pleasure out of your q-JAYS whether enjoying your music collection to the max or using them as a personal monitor during live stage performances.

Unique impressions

Every ear is unique. And to reflect this JAYS Custom Ear Canal Molds, which are manufactured from soft silicone, are created from a pattern based on your ear alone. Molds can be customized further by choosing from a whole variety of colors including clear, black or natural (skin tone).

Three Custom Molds

Our high-quality custom molds are manufactured exclusively by our specialist partners, Bellman & Symfon in Sweden.

Artist Review - Fredrik Thordendal, Meshuggah

Award winning

Our award winning q-JAYS are the world’s smallest dual armature earphones, and their richly detailed, full-spectrum sound makes them perfect for customization. They're already being used by musicians and their supporting sound engineering teams. So go on, have your own impressions made today: Go custom. Go pro.

q-JAYS Awards. What Hi-Hi 4/5, MacWorld 4/5 and Wired 8/10
Out of stock

Using your custom molds

q-JAYS Custom Molds As a result your q-JAYS will fit perfectly. An airtight seal between mold and earpiece is created delivering a discreet ear monitor solution for use either on stage or for a serious music listening experience. And if you want to use your regular ear piece sleeves, all you need to do is simply remove the q-JAYS from the bespoke mold and use them with a standard set of sleeves instead.

Available colors

JAYS Custom Ear Canal Molds are available in a variety of colors and styles. Use clear or natural (skin tone) for a more discreet profile suited to live performances. Or go with pure black to match your black q-JAYS . . . the choice is yours! Colors currently available include: clear, clear-green, clear-turquoise, natural, yellow, red, blue and black. The q-JAYS themselves are available in a black or white finish.

q-JAYS Custom Molds

The q-JAYS Custom Molds are available in 8 different colors.

q-JAYS Earphones

q-JAYS Earphones

With their astonishingly petite size the q-JAYS are the smallest earphones on the market. Despite the compact size, they manage to fit in dual micro armatures and a sound that will just blow you away. One woofer handles the bass and the low mids and one tweeter handles the upper mids and the highs giving you superior separation and audio detailing. So, if you thought you’d heard it all - think again!

Read more about q-JAYS

Out of stock

How to order

The q-JAYS Custom Molds are specially manufactured by our exclusive partner Bellman & Symfon. In order to get your bespoke q-JAYS Custom Molds you just need to follow our simple guide below.

1. First, make an impression of each ear canal

To ensure that your Custom Molds are a perfect fit, you’ll need to get an impression of each ear canal made. A local, authorized audiology specialist can undertake this, making the impressions using a soft silicone material; harmless to both you and your ears. The process takes about 10 minutes and is completely painless.

Please note, the cost of ear canal impressions is not included in the price of the q-JAYS Custom Molds.

2. Discount voucher; download or pick up to qualify for a 250SEK/$25 discount

In conjunction with Bellman & Symfon, JAYS is offering all q-JAYS customers a discount voucher of 250SEK/$25 when ordering q-JAYS Custom Molds from Bellman & Symfon. The voucher is available from authorized resellers as well as a downloadable PDF and can only be redeemed at Bellman & Symfon.

3. Order your Custom Molds from Bellman & Symfon

Complete your discount voucher and send it together with your ear canal impressions to Bellman & Symfon. When your impressions arrive technicians will set to work creating a ‘negative’ of the impression resulting in an exact-match ear canal mold. All molds are handmade, available in a choice of 8 different colors and are optimized specifically for your ears, delivering the best possible sound experience and fit.

  • All Custom Molds come with a 3 month "perfect fit" warranty meaning they can be returned for minor adjustments during this period.
  • All Custom Molds also come with a standard 24 month manufacturer’s warranty.
  • You should allow approximately 3 weeks for your Custom Molds to arrive.
  • Shipping and handling may vary depending on your location.
  • Before placing your Custom Molds order, please contact Bellman & Symfon to determine exact cost and delivery lead times.
q-JAYS Custom Molds Voucher

Download Voucher

JAYS Custom Ear Canal Molds are made in partnership with Bellman & Symfon and is at the moment only available for Swedish customers. To place an order for your Custom Molds and to get ear canal impressions made, simply download the 250SEK/$25 discount voucher and make an appointment to visit a Bellman & Symfon authorized audiologist near you.

Contact Bellman & Symfon

Bellman & Symfon

Bellman & Symfon has been developing hearing protection solutions and hearing aids since 1989. Their wide range of custom hearing protection is used by performing artists as well as those working in extremely noise-intensive environments. As a result of their 20 years experience in audiology and custom silicone mold manufacture, JAYS are proud to enter into a partnership with Bellman & Symfon to offer the q-JAYS dual armature earphone with ground-breaking bespoke molds. The partnership is committed to ensuring a perfect fit, superior ambient noise insulation and one of the best sound experiences available today.

Find an authorized audiologist in Sweden