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  • q-JAYS now in stock

    Posted in News By Peter Cedmer 7/23/15 1:50 PM

    We are happy to announce that our next generation q-JAYS is now in stock in JAYS Online Store with free world wide shipping. In Sweden we right now have an exclusive launch with Reference Audio so be sure to drop by and check them out. 

  • Decoding the headphone

    Posted in News By Peter Cedmer 5/18/15 3:08 PM

    u-JAYS represents a reduction of complexity, distilled to its essence. Developed over a 2 year long journey by revisiting the basics and meticulously uncovering the essential criteria that lies behind a pair of on-ear headphones, it is an embodiment of a seamless blend of authentic sound, lasting comfort and effortless aesthetics.


  • a-JAYS Four for Android available for pre-order.

    Posted in News By Peter Cedmer 5/4/15 3:10 PM

    a-JAYS Four for Android is now available for pre-order in JAYS Online Store

  • a-JAYS Four coming to Windows and Android

    Posted in News By Peter Cedmer 2/20/15 2:26 PM

    We're happy to announce that we are soon adding a-JAYS Four to the iWA concept for you Windows and Android users out there. 3-button full feature remotes with high quality MEMS mics fully optimized for each OS.

    We love to share a musical experience!

  • The new q-JAYS. World's smallest with exchangeable cables

    Posted in News By Peter Cedmer 2/2/15 10:32 PM

    The world’s smallest earphones with exchangeable cables are here! Check out our new q-JAYS reference earphones. Dual balanced armatures and solid stainless steel housing with cable module remotes available for iOS, Windows and Android. 

    The new q-JAYS includes new innovative features, such as:

    - Dual balanced armature drivers
    - Tailor made acoustic filters
    - Reference class sound signature
    - Removable laser-cut protective filters
    - Precisely tuned bass ports
    - Exchangeable cables
    - Custom made threaded connectors
    - High purity copper and Kevlar cables
    - iWA remotes available for most phones

    “We set out to create our idea of the optimal in-ear earphones by merging reference acoustics with outstanding quality and precision, together with unbeatable ergonomics", says Daniel Andersson, Chief of Design,Jays AB (publ).
    "The result still thrills us.”

    The new q-JAYS will be available in Q2 2015 with price ranging from USD 399 / Euro 379 / 3 495 SEK.

    Read all about q-JAYS here: www.jays.se/products/q-jays/


  • World Premiere!

    Posted in News By Peter Cedmer 1/27/15 9:49 AM

    World premiere!

    We’re unveiling our new reference earphones at the Stockholm High-End show 7th - 8th February. Opening hours are Saturday 10.00-18.00 and Sunday 10.00-16.00 and you’ll find us at the Sheraton hotel, Mälarsalongen C.

    Check out more about the show at highendmassan.se. Come and listen!

  • A new reference.

    Posted in News By Peter Cedmer 1/19/15 11:20 AM

    Welcome back on February 3rd. 

  • Free shipping December 25 to January 4.

    Posted in News By Peter Cedmer 12/19/14 1:26 PM

    We know that Christmas is over for this time, but we would like to keep the spirit just a little while longer. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING in JAYS Online Store between December 25 and January 4.

  • Celebrating Lucia with 30% off!

    Posted in News By Peter Cedmer 12/11/14 7:17 AM

    This weekend we celebrate Lucia by giving you 30% off on everything + free shipping world wide. Go buy some in JAYS Online Store before our cutie piggy does. 

  • Free Comply foam ear tips!

    Posted in News By Peter Cedmer 12/8/14 10:53 AM

    What better way to celebrate the fact that we are now distributors of one of the very best add-on products for earphones, Comply Foam, than to let you in on trying them. We are proud to offer you a perfect comfort for a great musical experience, providing a tight seal and stronger bass for any ear, heart and soul.

    Have you bought or will you buy a-JAYS Five in stores then go to www.jays.se/foam and follow the instructions in order to get 1 pair for free. 

    If you buy a-JAYS Five from JAYS Online Store they will be included in your purchase. 

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